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The Civic Theatre, Bedford - 12.04.03

Members of Less Vulnerable with special guests from Dr Scott's Extra Forks, perform a special charity screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in honor of Macmillan Cancer Relief. The show was due to be hosted by Kimi Wong O'Brien but not everything went to plan...

After a lot of anticipation, it was time for the show in Bedford. We all bundled down on the train, but not before a worrying hour of waiting for celebs at Kings Cross (Ooh er missus). Monkey, the new found cast mascot, was also along in tow. The cast converged at the local all-you-can-eat Chinese before arriving at the gorgeous venue.

All the props and costumes in, run throughs began. Marchello the sound and lighting technician, came and played with levels while we merrily continued on our way. Little did we know what was to come...

Later that day we found out that Kimi Wong had appendicitis and was rushed into hospital on Thursday night and wasn't released until Saturday, so she wasn't able to do the show afetr all. However, an interesting Graham Norton-esque phone call was made to Kimi during the MC routine and we had a live link up!

A fabulous Gypsy/Moulin Rouge preshow opened the show, and a joint MC routine with Marty and Ed followed. Come the start of the film, there was no sound! Cue singing and on the spot improvisation from the cast! We managed to struggle through until finally we discovered the problem - a fuse had blown in the prjection booth. By the end of the bedroom scenes, we had just about got the sound back and the rest of the film went without a hitch. Phew! Special mentions should go to:

  • Nikki for stepping into the preshow with an hour's notice and for a live tapdance routine without a soundtrack
  • Blondie for making the trip all the way down AND getting stranded in Luton the next night!
  • Woody for being Loopy Riff again
  • Ben for his pure invention of a giant sugar-daddy dummy for Rocky
  • The Forks for taking over the dinner scene and giving us time to run around like headless chickens!
  • Marty for being our Columbia to Clive's Eddie for Hot Patootie
  • Clive and Marty for carrying out one of the best Hot Patootie dances ever!
  • The cast for coping so well under pressure!

Cast List:
M (Special Guest, Dr Scott's Extra Forks)
Janet: Mary/Blondie (Special Guest, Dr Scott's Extra Forks)
Brad: Ed
Riff Raff: Woody
Magenta: Maggie Bob
Columbia: Nikki
Rocky: Ben
Dr Scott: Marty (Special Guest, Dr Scott's Extra Forks)
Eddie: Clive
Crim: 'Monkey'

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