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Flicks Cinema, Clacton on Sea - 31.10.03

Less Vulneable visit the seaside!

“Ten minutes before we let them in“ shouts Amy. I’m there, with my freshly received stage directions for my ‘audition‘ for less vulnerable . I’m to be the ‘girly’ for the lumberjack pre-show song, the narrator for the film (with a Trixie twist!) and to do secondary lighting with my trusty building surveyors torch!

Ok, so its Halloween and we're at Clacton’s premier cinema, Flicks, a massive 600 seat screen, with the wonderful Less Vulnerable ready to do a show. With it being the first fundraiser I’ve organised, I’m not exactly sure just how many people are going to turn up! Up comes my mum, Sandra, my partner in crime and a very sparkly Columbia for the night bringing family and friends including Pauline - the area co-ordinator for Cancer Research UK (our charity for the night) and news of an entrance hall full to bursting of fishnet-clad punters!

Off we went, myself and Amy, to drag up the dragged-up film goers, not that they needed much encouragement. They were all very excited, even those who weren’t exactly sure what the whole night was about (that’s my workmates for you!).

So, with everyone seated, its time for the pre-show, starting off with YMCA to get everyone in the party mood… then oh dear… Amy gets in a strop, such a convincing one, that a large percentage of the audience think its for real! Then… all becomes clear. Clive didn’t want to do the YMCA… he wanted to be a lumberjack!

Then, the much anticipated Virgin Sacrifice! Up came 8 almost willing virgins to play ‘find the cherry’ some got a little excited, poor things… ended up with faces full of cream. The prize? Well… to play Mr and Mrs Hapshatt (Everybody ready…1..2...3... HAP-SHIT!!!).

Before I knew it, Ed was getting the audience to give him those all important letters…

"Give me an….R…O…C…K…Y……ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY!!!"

The lights dimmed and onto the main event, the film itself, with Nikki and Maggie Bob playing angel and devil trixies (and Columbia and Magenta of course!), Ben as Riff, Mary as the ever slutty Janet, Cathy as Eddie and Dr Scott (in a Red Cross wheelchair I borrowed for the night), Clive covering both Creation and Asshole and Ed in his first fabulous outing as Frank.

The night went so quick, no sooner had Riff looked out of the window, then Frank was on his way home! Well… what can I say guys, a great show, with everyone left wanting to come back next year...


Cast List:
Janet: Mary
Brad: Clive
Riff Raff: Ben
Magenta: Maggie Bob
Columbia: Nikki
Rocky: Clive
Dr Scott: Clive
Eddie: Clive
Crim: Vicki

I'm Going Home
I'm Going Home
The End
The End
Big Finish!
Big finish!

© 2006 Less Vulnerable